“She was able to recommend schools that she believed would be a good fit for me and help me perfect my main college app essay, which I was so lost with until I started meeting with her. She was able to jumpstart my brain for my essays with simple conversations, help me request letters of recommendations from my teachers, and go through all the busy work of the Common App with me due to her great knowledge of the system from being a high school counselor.”

"Applying to college can either be the most terrible experience for a senior that is already stressed about their future, or it can make them feel empowered and confident. Erica guided me through my application process by encouraging me to highlight my unique high school experiences and gave meaningful feedback to help me reach my fullest potential. She gave me positive advice when drafting my essays and supplemental answers and support whenever there was an obstacle when dealing with my transcript. I could have not asked for a better counselor to help me through this process than Erica."

"It can be difficult to recognize the weak points in your college applications when you do not have a third perspective to give you feedback. Whenever I was stuck on a certain idea when writing my personal essay or answering a supplemental, Laura provided different approaches that I would have missed if I did not have her guidance. I believed her help and feedback made my application stronger and more professional than it would have been without her input."

"Meeting with Laura was the best decision I could’ve made while applying to college. She was extremely helpful by answering any questions I had. She also gave great advice and edited my essays including my Common App and my small question essays. When Covid hit, I had no one to answer my specific questions about my school but thankfully I had Laura there to answer everything. If you’re looking for someone to help during the college application process she’s the perfect person! PS. She’s also an amazing person to hang out with and will support you through the process!"

“Two of the things I enjoyed most about Erica was that she never made me feel stressed or pressured, and I always felt as if I was talking to a friend when working with her. Every time I met with her we would share at least a few good laughs and I would leave feeling super accomplished with my work. I always looked forward to meeting with her, and she truly turned my college application process from something that I viewed as stressful to something that I viewed as exciting. I could not recommend anyone more!”

Student Reviews