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Laura S, Parent, Loudoun County

Senior year is an emotional time for the student and parents. My senior didn’t really want to hear advice from me regarding college applications and honestly, I didn’t want or know what advice to give. We were both basically procrastinating and dreading the process - until he met with Erica. She took time to ask him questions and really understand his personality and goals. She helped him select a great range of schools to apply to and after several productive sessions with her, he was done! He grew in independence and felt great about his applications. Erica’s help with the entire process saved us hours of time and struggle. She communicated wonderfully with both my senior and myself. We are forever thankful for her making this process enjoyable rather than stressful.

Erica’s help with the entire process saved us hours of time and struggle.

Katie F, Student, Loudoun County

She was extremely helpful by answering any questions I had. She also gave great advice and edited my essays including my Common App and my small question essays. When Covid hit, I had no one to answer my specific questions about my school but thankfully I had Erica there to answer everything. If you’re looking for someone to help during the college application process she’s the perfect person! PS. She’s also an amazing person to hang out with and will support you through the process!

Meeting with Erica was the best decision I could’ve made while applying to college.


I will be forever grateful that I got to work with Jack and Loudoun College Counseling this year to finish my college applications. He made the process of navigating CommonApp and writing my essay/supplementals so much easier. I truly would not have been able to go through this process without all of his help and guidance. I love that Jack took the time to get to know me, to help me figure out what universities were the right fit for me. He laid out a detailed plan, from the beginning, to help me stay on track and get ready for all of the college application deadlines. Overall, I can not say enough positive things about Jack and Loudoun College Counseling!

Jack made the process of navigating CommonApp and writing my essay / supplementals so much easier. 

Donna K, parent, Loudoun County

My family loves Laura!! My son was fortunate to have had Laura as his Counselor starting in his Freshman year and going through his Junior year. I really feel like he was so fortunate to have had her in his corner—not only for issues related to school, but also issues at home and for college planning.   On top of a family medical emergency, add to this, the stress of applying to college!! Laura was there to help guide us all through this difficult process. She helped with testing recommendations, letters of recommendation and how we can help at home. And she ALWAYS responded to my emails.  Laura is a very caring and responsive person. She is definitely the right person to help guide a young person during these difficult times. I heartily recommend Laura as someone a college-bound student can talk to and get guidance from. You will be glad to have her in your corner!! 

Laura was very helpful and responsive and made time to meet with us regularly. She was a huge comfort to us all. 

Laurie M, parent, Loudoun County

We were so stressed out about all the things we didn’t know and she patiently walked us through every step, right up to completing the dreaded essay! We couldn’t have done this without you- thank you so much, Maria!!

Maria was an absolute dream to guide us through this process! 


He knew exactly how to help and when we had our sessions he helped me work proficiently. With his help I was able to complete any task that was assigned whether it was filling out the common app or helping with me both the main essay and supplemental essays. All around a fantastic team and definitely worth spending some money to make the process of applying to colleges 100% easier.

Jack was an amazing guy to work with throughout this experience.


We had a great experience working with Maria. She brought the wealth of her experience that helped a lot in understanding thousands of things that are required for collage application process. I would highly recommend them.

Maria brought the wealth of her experience that helped a lot.

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