"While our daughter had a good idea about the various schools she was interested in applying to, Erica played an invaluable role in assisting with her college essays, navigating the process for requesting transcripts and letters of recommendations, and staying organized and on schedule. This was particularly important considering my daughter's applications were a bit more complicated due to most of her high school career being completed oversea and thus involved dealing with two different school systems (IB vs AP), two different transcripts, two different counselors, etc.

“My family loves Laura! My son was fortunate to have had Laura starting his Freshman year. I really feel like he was so fortunate to have had her in his corner.”

"Communication with Erica was excellent, and she was always available for online and/or in-person sessions. She is very professional, knowledgeable, and genuinely involved in the full lifecycle of the college admissions process, to include helping my daughter make a final decision regarding her various admission offers and navigating the enrollment process.

"Erica's background in high school counseling, experience in the college application process, and wide network with local area colleges was invaluable and provided my daughter with insights and guidance she could not have received at home. She provided my daughter with objective, experience-based assessments of not only her resume and application and supplemental essays but also her chances of admission to the universities she was targeting.

"The stress of applying to college! Laura was there to help guide us all through this difficult process. She helped with testing recommendations, letters of recommendation, how we can help at home, and she always responded to my emails."

"Erica played an important role in providing our daughter with a non-parent soundboard for her questions and concerns that really lowered her (and our) anxiety!

"In hindsight, I just wished we had started our relationship with Erica sooner!"

“Laura is a very caring and responsive person. She is definitely the right person to help guide a young person during these difficult times. I heartily recommend Laura as someone a college-bound student can talk to and get guidance from. You will be glad to have her in your corner!”

“Senior year is an emotional time for the student and parents. My senior didn’t really want to hear advice from me regarding college applications and honestly, I didn’t want or know what advice to give. We were both basically procrastinating and dreading the process - until he met with Erica. She took time to ask him questions and really understand his personality and goals. She helped him select a great range of schools to apply to and after several productive sessions with her, he was done! He grew in independence and felt great about his applications. Erica’s help with the entire process saved us hours of time and struggle. She communicated wonderfully with both my senior and myself. We are forever thankful for her making this process enjoyable rather than stressful.”

“My family was overwhelmed this fall with my oldest child starting her first college applications. We were so confused with the whole process and did not even know where to start. I had heard about Erica through some of my friends that also have children who were starting their senior year and applications. My daughter and I initially met with Erica together to go over our concerns and brainstorm ideas for her application processes. Right off the bat she was incredibly friendly, easy to talk to, and reassuring. As a parent, you want the best for your child and it was so comforting knowing that we had someone to make sure the college application process was done correctly.”

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